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Andat-Stories is the Elset dub of Ducktales (2017). Has dubbed on Studio 18,Finland.This dub has premiered on Disney XD Scandinavia the November 14 of 2017. Months later, on February 24, Netflix put the first season of Elset Dubbing available to be seen in its Streaming.


Character Elset Voice Actor Flag of Finland
Dewey Duck Antti Pääkkönen 
Huey Duck Jonathan Kettunen
Louie Duck Antti Lang 


Raili Raitala 


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Elset Name Premiere Elset Premiere
1 Woo-hoo! August 12 of 2017 November 16 of 2017
Donald Duck (Donald Andat) reluctantly leaves his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie (Hui,Dui i Lui) with his estranged uncle Scrooge McDuck (Rik Andat), while he goes to a job interview. After Scrooge locks the boys in a room for making fun of him, the triplets come across Webby Vanderquack (Rosi Vanderquack) who befriends them and shows off a collection of relics and artifacts that Scrooge and Donald found during their previous adventures, only to accidentally release various ancient evils housed in them.

Elset translations


Main Characters

Scrooge McDuck - Rick McAndat
Dewey Duck - Devlin "Dui" Andat

Huey Duck - Hevlin "Hui" Andat

Louie Duck - Levlin "Lui" Andat
Webby Vanderquack - Rosi Vanderquack
Donald Duck - Donald Andat

Suportive characters

Launchpad McQuack - Joe Flykonk McQuack

Mrs.Quackfaster - Rvi Bentin Quackfaster

Della Duck - Della Andat
Little Bulb - Lilte Fokus


Magica de Spell - Maggi od Hex

Beagle Boys - Beagles Fulset


Duckburg - Andatown


  • Spell's Magic Name was shown as Maggi de Hex, Maggi is a contraction of the name Magguie and the word Magi (which in Elset means magical or magic) and his last name says "Magguie-ca of Spell" literally.