Elset TV Kids is a cable and satellite television channel owned by Toons TV Broadcast Limited. The

Channel broadcasts in Elset and Finnish, with logos and texts translated into Elset.


When all the signals of the Kids Magazing channel (including the Scandinavian Signal) were going to be replaced by Retro Disney Channel, Toons TV Broadcast Limited obtains the transmission rights of SpongeBob Squarepants in Elset, and decided to close the signal in Norway and Sweden, leaving the signal transmitting a year more in Denmark and Finland, still under the name Kids Magazing.

One year later, on January 2 of 2012, Toons TV Broadcast Limited re-launches the channel to Elset TV Kids, a channel dedicated to broadcast animated series, teen sitcoms and children's films dubbed into Finnish and Elset.

Programing blocks

Kids Magazing +

Based on its successor channel, Kids Magazing.

The block broadcasts new episodes of the Shows currently in progress, which are broadcast within the channel as well as Finnish content with subtitles to the Elset

The main programs issued in this block are Littest Pet Shop (2012), SpongeBob (also issued in the, when it had its own channel) and Adventure Time.


Current programing
Show ElsetTV KidsTittle Languague Premiere Date Current Season
Adventure Time Aventyr eikka Elset 2015 6
Ducktales (2017 reboot) Andat Stories November 16 of 2017 1
SpongeBob Squarepants Svampe Bob Ferkanks Febreaury 2 of 2013 7
Martha Speaks Martta sneks July 1 of 2018 1
Ducktales (1987) DuckTales English

Elset (subtittles)

January 4 of 2012 2


Dexter´s Laboratory Dexters Laboratorium Norwegian

Elset (subtittles)

November 20 of 2013
Wander Over Yonder Wander ir Galaksen September of 2015 2

Final Episodes

Wander vart den galaksen Elset December 2 of 2014
Littlest Pet Shop (2012) Litlen maskotten butikket January 4 of 2015 3
The Powerpuff Girls Den Powerpuffjentene Norwegian

Elset (subtittles)

January 2 of 2012 5
Future programing
Fish Hooks Tein-fisky Elset January 18 of 2019 Still unpremiered

Former programing

Littlest Pet Shop (2012) Norwegian

Elset (subtittles)

October 12 of 2013 No regular issue since 2018