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<p style="text-align:center;">In the community of International Entertainment Project Wikia, Everyone can Edit! In this community, you can create dubs for your fanfics or for Existing Animated Series! Have fun creating dubs to the language you want!

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Wiki News
  • International Entertaiment Project Wikia Fanon was created in February 2018.
  • The Wiki hosts information about Fanmade Dubs and Fandubbing works.

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Cryptical Fiery - photo (Profle)
  • The Featured User of the Month for November is CrypticalFiery. CrypticalFiery created the Wiki and although it has no fanfic or project, is the Founder of the I.E.P Fanon Wiki.

Congratulations CrypticalFiery!.

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Congratulations Slapbergs and your Article,Неита: пригодницький пегас!.

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