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Nath: Un pégase aventuroux is the French dub of the Animted Series,Nath: An Adventurous Pegasus.

Broadcast Info


Nath: Un pégase aventuroux it was premiered at TFOU on December 23, 2017. It is one of the preferred animated shows by viewers, competing directly with Miraculous Ladybug.

Disney XD

Nath: Un pégase aventuroux it is broadcast by Disney XD in France, Belgium and French Europe. It was released in August 2017. Its premiere was accompanied by a new episode of Ducktales.


Character French Voice
Nathaniel Rocket Dasher Arthur Dubois
Bella Lynet Camille Donda
Doctor Whooves / Christopher Lynet Olivier Cordina


Characters translations

Secundary characters

  • Shady Daze - "Ombreux" Daze


  • Andrew "Tall Pegasus" - André "Pégase Hautre"

Ponyville School characters

  • Mr.Craig Flowers - Professeur Craig Fleurs
  • Mrs. Bitteradonis - Mademoiselle Ameradonis
  • Principal Hazelbrowne - Directeur Noisetmarrone
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